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Poems of an aching heart

It was Tennyson who wrote:

"It is better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all".

But why the hell does it hurt so much?


Like a dream
you are -
a shadow
of someone real;
but once I've lost
my dream
I won't
know you again
if you came back,
'cause your shadow
would not show
in the darkness
that is around me.


The curtain fell;
the Grand Finale
of knowing you again
played -
the taste of pleasing you
that stayed;
ah, yes, fulfilled
as I know you to be;
but, when the curtain dropped
I took off my face
and became, once more
the longing, lonely, me.


When I wake up
I will not remember today -
for sleep has washed
from my helpless mind
the memory of despair,
of the white walls
and blind eyes -
of lips without a sound
to reach my ears
hurting from the screaming


The day is dying
the last of the sun
casts a final
golden blessing
onto the weary:
a promise for tomorrow
a kiss for the lonely,
its velvety caress
warming my soul,
keeping me safe
in my room, my womb,
my sanctuary.

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Irene O.

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Men and women, young or old, all have at one time felt the pain of a lost love

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